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Sunday, January 1, 2012

It is Time

Well I have been on Artfire for eleven months and I have to make a decision to stay or go.

I have only good words for the Artfire team.  They have put up a very good looking commercial page, and they have maintained good communication with the members.   I however, have found that the number of views was limited and that in turn kept sales away from my shop.  I had only one sale in eleven months.  There is a time when the income versus expenses, dictate what we do.

I realize that my product is a niche and that the number of people looking for ceramics is not the same as those looking at jewelry or children cloths.  I can only assume that is why the views were so low.

I originally came to Artfire because Etsy was making too many changes to the way they ran the website. See (  These changes however, did make a difference in the number of visitors to my shop.  My sales did not rise but the fact that many people could see my work was just as satisfying as making a sale. I have had a steady sales record on Etsy,  so that is where I will put my future efforts.  I guess that is what counts in the world of sales.

So, my friends on Artfire, I have decided to terminate my shop as of 01 January 2012. I imagine it will take a while for the paid up time to run out.

I wish everyone on Artfire the best of luck with their sales.  Perhaps someday I will return. 
"Having a bad day"  by: Terrance Frank Lazaroff
"Happy New Year 2012"

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  1. Sorry to hear Artfire didn't work out. If you are still looking to diversify, keep an eye on iCraft. Changes to the site are soon incomming to make it look more modern. (The site isn't great in it's existing state though.) I found the entrace cost to experiment is small.