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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This duck led me down the garden path

archaicdesign Equals  

Susan, I just wanted you to know that I followed this little duck and it led me down a lush covered garden path, past the pond were many other ducks were frolicking in the water, and led me into your Etsy shop.
What a pleasant surprise.  What a great collection of Jewelry. I am very partial to your metal jewelry.  The hammered metal objects in your collection really excited my sculptural sentiments.
handmade necklace with embossed flowers on oxidized sterling silver     Exquisite Bottle Vase
I don’t create jewelry but I look at it as I would look at a Henry Moore.  What are the surface lines telling me?  How does the pattern renew its self and how does the application of the patina bring out the flow of the surface lines?  These are the questions I always ask myself when I study sculpture.  I asked the same when I browsed your shop.
sterling silver heart necklace with amethyst and garnet     Salad Bowl - Gift for the Salad Lover
Your metal earrings encouraged me ask another question.  Was the artist influenced by the Ming and Qing decorative patterns of the swirls of vines and small flower buds?  I see something here that I really like.

Rio earrings embossed flowing water on oxidized sterling silver     Classic porcelain vase
There are pieces in you collection that would touch the heart strings of many a beautiful woman.  When I look at your creations with my artist eye, I can see countless design elements that inspire me to work with surface carvings in my pottery.  At present I paint my swirls, curves and flower buds using Chinese brushes and the famous blue cobalt pigments employed by the ancient Ming potters of Jingdezhen China. However your surface textures make me want to carve into my clay thus creating textural patterns that I could apply patinas to bring out the embellishments.
citrine earrings. hand forged sterling silver and faceted citrine. solstice earrings by archaicdesign      Porcelain Vase Swirls and Buds
I am partial to swirls, curves and little flowers serving as design elements. It is this imagery that I see in your work that drives me back to my studio and inspires me to pick up my brush and fly free.
Yes, this duck knew how to stir my artistic blood.  For that, I thank you.


  1. I love the way you paired the work up. Great feature, beautiful items from both of you.

  2. Another fabulous representation of another gorgeous shop. Your reviews are a joy to read. Thank you.