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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Where oh where have my little ducks gone?

I went visiting my duck pond looking for some of my early friends.  I was saddened to see many no longer listed, many on indefinite vacation and a lot of shops empty of goods.   I hope they are well and floating in another duck pond.

Some have had a bad shake and others are just tired.  I am sure they will return some day.

Until then.  I will be thinking of them swimming around in my duck pond.

silverWARES=  On vacation until further notice.

eclipse= On vacation. No indication when the shop will be active.
AtabbycatArts= On vacation. Will be back when they get back.
 ACelticgirl2= Empty shop. 
bluefingerstudios= On vacation.  Will respond to convos.
alyanna=alyanna Just the shop profile. 
dragonfyrestudio=  Empty shop.  No explanation but URL to facebook page.
thewhimsytrove Member no longer listed on etsy.
bencandance= Store open but no listings.  No explanation.
blueditty= Store open but no listings.  No explanation.
upzndowns=On vacation.  No return date.
CoastingAlong= Shop open but no listings.  Referal to Artfire.
DiscordThreadsMember no longer listed on Etsy.
thewhimsytroveMember no longer listed on Etsy.
Member no longer listed on Etsy.
DesignedByLucinda= Shop empty.  Family crisis.  Hopes to return soon.
 Member no longer listed on Etsy.


  1. I miss seeing the ducks in the Etsy forums.

  2. Its very sad about the Etsy pond but cheer up for most of the Duckies are still flying around even if you don't see much of them at Etsy. Etsy uses Duck tape on beaks and Duckies don't like that.

    Quack, quack.