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Monday, January 31, 2011

An Artist Statement.

Some readers have asked to know how I approach my work.  Here is my answer:

My Approach to Clay Art.
     Most of my work is experimental.  I don't have a defined direction when I approach clay and thus do not stay with anyone direction long enough to be able to say that my work is my signature and is easily identified with me. I will start a series today not knowing when I will deviate from it and go another direction.

 The work of my peers inspires me to try other avenues of technique when working with clay.  So today I may do sculpture and tomorrow I will find my self-sitting at my wheel throwing mugs.  The following day may find me trying to fabricate a mould that will allow me to create the perfect bowl form, more than one time.  Another day will find me working with my brushes trying to let my inner self-push the boundaries of the three-dimension form that is on my workbench in front of me.

  I do want to gain recognition for my efforts, not necessarily for monetary gain, but for the satisfaction that I created something that the public enjoys and wishes to own.  I make art for the joy of filling the world with objects that I create and that I feel are beautiful.

   I consider myself a visual artist who; slips in and out of the functional world, researching in the experimental glaze arena, dabbling in the painting process and playing in the modeling and sculpting disciplines.  I will allow my feelings to decide where I will go with clay-art today

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