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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I just had to grab this duck's tail feathers.

This was an experience that I did not expect.  I poked this duck to find someone who really enjoys supporting the sport of football.  Yep it is the little duck that always brings a smile to my day when I see “Who Dat.”  To my surprise I found a shop called:  betweenpietyandesire.  I looked over the goods being offered and found that I was in a saintly corner of the world.  I was where one best cheer for the New Orleans Saints Foot Ball team. 
Who Dat Destiny Oil
If one needed help in conjuring up a winning game betweenpietyand desire’s had the potion, prayers and voodoo dolls to help.
New Orleans Saints Candle with Official Prayer
However, if you weren’t into the sweaty tough sporty mood the shop also offered aromatherapy bath salts that would guarantee you a way to give you a quiet serenity or a dreamsicle of love and romance.  The color of the bath salts help you choose where you want to go in your bath.  This is great for old guys like me who cannot see well enough to read the package.  I think I will grab the pink colored salts and ask my wife to join me in my bath. After which I will slip in some light red colored salts.
Aromatherapy Bath Salts Sampler
All kidding aside this whimsical shop was worth the visit and it was time I grabbed the tail feathers of this special little duck. I just hope that I don’t receive a hexing gris gris.  


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your recent poke of this wonderful shop!

  2. Thanks! I would never send a bad hex your way! But I will send the best NOLA vibes I can muster -- ready? Here they come!