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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The duck that quacks "Only in Canada you say, Eh?"


Who said that jewelry has to be made from precious metals or expensive gems?  Whoever it was did not happen to pass by this little ducks shop. 

This is a shop for young people. They can find the most interesting jewelry and stationary along with all other fancy paper products that not only draw the attention of very young, the adolescent and the for sure the little boys in men’s’ clothing when worn in their company.
Lego Heart with Crystal on Silver-Tone Curb Chain, Swarovski Crystal Elements
The shop has a great selection of up cycled  jewelry made from lego pieces.  I know, I know.  Lego makes plastic building blocks that the little people (children) play with all day long. The pieces made from lego that struck my fancy first were the little hearts made by marrying two modified piece of lego together and fastening them so they resemble a little heart.  The jolly pieces are then placed on a silver tone chain that is strong enough for any child’s play and yet shiny enough to go out to the party and glitter with the best of high priced designer jewelry.  Some even have a Swarovski Crystal Elements as part of the model.
 Crazy Daisy Lego Stud Earrings in Red and Black, Silver Tone Posts
The shop also shows stud earrings made from lego pieces that fit snugly against the lobe of the ear and as well as the white blank head dangly earrings.  The colours are primary and that is what puts them out there with the best.
 Lego White Blank Head Dangly Earrings with Sparkling Swarovski Crystals - Limited Edition
The shop owner is Lisa and she believes in recycling stuff.  She has a lot as her family is four children strong.  Now I know where the lego parts come from.  I hope her children have out grown this toy.  If not they will surely miss some of the pieces. 
Imperial Moustache and Oh So Kissable Lips Photo Prop Set of 6

One thing for sure…..  Lisa is a true designer.  She has taken stuff and up cycled into into great ideas.   If you need some party favours you do not have to look any further. Some fun things like her mustaches and kissable lips will make lots of fun when used as props for photos of the gang or how about some Jalepeno Peppers.. on a stick! to signify the spicy steak or chop.

  Jalepeno Pepper.... On A Stick
Some other great stuff are the up cycled note books. Lisa takes DVD sleeves from old movies.  Restores them and makes wonderful 5.25” by 7.5” note books.  These books are filled with 100Percent recycled products.  What an excellent gift for a student or an aspiring poet or artist.   My favorite item from Lisa’s shop it the Giant notebook30cm by 28cm, filled with 50 blank pages.  The cover is created out of a Delisseo pizza box that celebrates Team Canada hockey players.  What else could a Canadian ask for. You know what they say “Only in Canada, Eh?”
 Team Canada Pizza Recycled / Upcycled Notebook
This was a very happy visit. I think I regained a bit of my youth this evening.

LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of Companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this product."


  1. Lisa is awesome! I'm so glad to see her here :D

  2. Thanks. I had to change the order of how I used lego in the descriptions. Someone stated that they received warning from Lego about using the term LEGO.

    I don't want anyone to get into trouble.

  3. Once again, a fabulous review of a gorgeous shop! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. :-)