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Friday, January 7, 2011

I poked another duck

  equals SanDesign
I poked another duck this evening and to my surprise I came to a shop that sells images for use in art and craft.   This shop has a great collection of digital collage sheets.  
Red Roses Digital Collage Sheet No. 47

Now you may ask what good is this art form for a ceramicist.   How would you apply these images to your ceramic pieces?  If you stick them on and then fire the piece to mature the clay, the paper colleges would burn off.   Yes you are right.   But……. If I send them away and have ceramic decals made from them, I could use the images on my porcelain.   And…….  I am thinking that I might just do that.
As for other uses, I am sure there are many.  The important point to note is that the research and work of collecting these sets of images has already been done for by SanDesign, as shop that is based in Florida.  The nice thing about these supplies is that they are not expensive and they save hours of work if one was to research the world to find the same quality of images.   This shop has had over eight hundred feedbacks and one hundred percent positive.  What else can one ask?  You must go and have a look.  
 Butterflies 4 Digital Collage Sheet. No. 431

This shop has me thinking. 


  1. great shop! Love all of San's digital sheets.

  2. What a wonderful shop and post! Thank you so much for sharing this. I hope you'll post photos of your mugs using the pretty designs from this shop.

  3. Yogi;
    Thank you for your nice words. They please me very much. I have just started my spring production and will post the items when they are done.

  4. she has the best images!