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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I took a poke at a duck

I poked one of my collected ducks just to see where it would take me.   It was magical.  I ended up in South Jersey looking at a collection of objects made from grapevine, silk and dried floral arrangements.  It was the etsy shop of Toni.  The banner read "Stylish Stems."  Most appropriate title for such a good looking product.


Cream Berry Valentine Heart Wreath
Toni stated in her shop that 2011 was going to be a wonderful year.
  I believe her.
She is presently showing her Valentine heart wreaths.  What a nice way to announce that the home has a lot of love in it.

Red Berry Valentine Heart Wreath
 Toni has also jump started the spring with her Spring Love Wreath.  I am sure this will make everyone happy to see that the sun is climbing in the sky and that we will soon be welcoming the blooms of spring.

Spring Love Wreath

These wreaths will tell the world that the home they adorn is filled with love and life.

I also discovered that she has a great blog about design!

What a lucky poke. 

I will try again soon.



  1. What a lovely poke and post! Thank you for sharing. :-)

  2. Just to let all the other ducks know the sheep is supposed to be a duck in disguise. Also If you know of a duck that Is not in the pond let me know.

  3. What wonderful wreaths and a lovely shop!